What is a good watch for sailing?

When it comes to sailing, having a reliable and functional watch is essential. A good sailing watch not only helps you keep track of time but also provides valuable features to aid in navigation and other activities on the water. In this article, I will share insights and recommendations as an advisor regarding the best watches for sailing.

Factors to Consider in a Sailing Watch

When choosing a sailing watch, there are several factors to consider to ensure it meets your specific needs. These factors include water resistance, durability, accuracy, and essential features such as a countdown timer, chronograph, and compass. Additionally, advanced features like GPS, tide trackers, and barometers can provide valuable information while out on the water.

Luxury Sailing Watches

Luxury watch brands offer a range of timepieces designed specifically for sailing enthusiasts. These watches combine exquisite craftsmanship with advanced functionality. Some notable luxury sailing watches include:

Corum Admiral’s Cup AC-One Tides

This watch is recommended for novice sailors, providing nautical information and certified by the French National Marina.

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT Watch

Known for its association with marine conservation, this watch offers reliability and a stylish design.

Rolex Submariner

An iconic choice, the Submariner is renowned for its durability and precision

Seiko Prospex 1970 Divers Re-Creation Watch

Paying tribute to the movie “Apocalypse Now,” this watch combines style with functionality.

Best Sailing Watches for Racing

For those interested in competitive sailing and racing, specific features in a watch become crucial. Here are some top recommendations for sailing watches focused on racing:

Garmin Quatix 6

Known for its versatility, this smartwatch integrates chartplotter functionality and offers various useful features.

Suunto Core

This watch provides essential features such as a barometer and compass, making it suitable for sailing and outdoor activities.

Garmin Instinct

With GPS positioning and barometric pressure features, this watch is a reliable choice for racing sailors.

Please note that the above list is not exhaustive, and there are many other sailing watches available for racing purposes.

Sailing Watches for Different Budgets

Sailing watches come in various price ranges to accommodate different budgets. Here are some recommendations for sailing watches based on different budget considerations:

Casio SGW-100-1V

A budget-friendly option, this watch offers features like a thermometer and digital compass.

Timex Intelligent Quartz Yacht Racer

Known for its multiple countdown timers and reliable quartz movement, this watch provides excellent value for the price. These options cater to different budget ranges, and there are many more choices available in the market.

Personal Experience and Recommendations

As an enthusiast and advisor in the sailing community, I have had the opportunity to explore various sailing watches. Among my personal favorites is the Garmin Quatix 6. It offers a versatile range of features, including chartplotter integration, which proves highly useful during sailing trips. The watch’s durability, accuracy, and water resistance make it an excellent choice for both recreational and competitive sailors.


In conclusion, choosing the right watch for sailing is crucial for any enthusiast or professional sailor. Consider factors like water resistance, durability, accuracy, and essential features such as countdown timers and compasses when selecting a sailing watch. Luxury brands offer a wide range of options for those seeking exquisite craftsmanship, while more affordable watches can provide reliable functionality within a limited budget. Ultimately, the best watch for sailing depends on individual preferences, needs, and budget considerations.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the difference between a sailing watch and a regular watch?

A sailing watch is specifically designed with features that cater to the needs of sailors, such as water resistance, durability, countdown timers, and compasses. Regular watches may lack these specialized functionalities.

Can I use a smartwatch for sailing?

Yes, smartwatches can be used for sailing, especially those that offer GPS positioning, chartplotter integration, and other relevant features. However, it’s important to ensure the smartwatch has sufficient water resistance and durability for the maritime environment.

How do I ensure the water resistance of a sailing watch?

Check the water resistance rating specified by the manufacturer. Make sure it meets the requirements for the intended water activities. Regular maintenance, such as periodic pressure tests and gasket replacements, is also important to maintain water resistance.

What should I look for in the strap of a sailing watch?

The strap should be comfortable, durable, and quick-drying. Rubber straps are lightweight and adjustable, while leather and synthetic straps offer elegance and flexibility.

Are luxury sailing watches worth the investment?

Luxury sailing watches often combine exceptional craftsmanship with advanced functionality. If you appreciate fine watchmaking and desire the best possible features, a luxury sailing watch can be a worthwhile investment. However, there are also excellent options available at more affordable price points.

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